Destinations Brands


Silvertown is an East London neighbourhood bristling with an exhilarating vision that will transform it into an enterprising new town centre for the Royal Docks. Inspired by its proud industrial heritage, we repositioned Silvertown as an iconic destination neighbourhood seeking to reinvent the capital’s relationship with the waterside.

Building a brand out of place

Global developer Lendlease wanted to make Silvertown an authentic home, commercial hub and a meeting place for people from all over the capital who were now within Silvertown’s catchment thanks to Crossrail.

Like a mosaic, we created a series of modules from the lettering of one of Silvertown’s most iconic buildings, Millennium Mills. We used these graphical elements to create a bespoke typeface, animate mesmerising patterns and build supergraphics that could hold vibrant photography. It was a simple yet powerfully effective way of threading Silvertown’s industrial character throughout the whole brand.

Recognising an icon

Drawing on the character of Silvertown itself — its architecture, heritage and proud communities — we created a messaging toolkit fronted by a bold new strapline that captured a sense of unstoppable forward momentum while reintroducing Silvertown to the world: ‘An iconic East London neighbourhood awakens’.

Brighter than ever future

Our new brand and messaging cast Silvertown as a hero of the wider Royal Docks story while harnessing the power of Crossrail, water and industrial legacy to pin it firmly onto London’s mental map.

Silvertown will soon awaken as somewhere to power next-generation business, experience with friends and find a new home. A beacon of enterprise and enjoyment where all of London — from East to West — belongs.